These services are mainly usefule for verifying HOSPITAL VISITS FOR PATIENT VERIFICATION (Spot investigations). It is a fact that many of the insured who have availed cashless facilities from the TPAs, misuse the facility provided to them by admitting their parents or any other relative who is not covered by such cashless facility. Also, there are instances when the patients are not at all admitted, still the bills are raised and settled in cashless scheme. It is also a fact that the hospitals empanelled by the TPAs try
to cook up the documents in some way or the other in order to raise exaggerated bills to the TPAs. In order to put a check on these and such acts on the part of those involved, we are providing the services of HOSPITAL VISITS to the insurers.
We have our trained team which visits the various hospitals for confirming the hospitalization, the authenticity of the insured admitted in the hospital, the class and type of room in which the patient is admitted, the proposed plan of management, approximate expenses projected by the hospital and the amount authorized or settled by the TPAs.
Our expert team not only visits the hospital but also to the patient and find out the root cause and regarding details.Its not very easy job to go to patients home and ask him about claim details,many problems like PAUCITY OF INFORMATION, tampering in reports, REGIONAL PROBLEMS ETC has to face but still we are having our success rate 90% because of the SMART, DESCENT

We have developed CO-OPERTION BOND between CLAIMANT AND INVESTIGATORS through investigators master skills and influencing talks.

We are doing our investigation with1] common sense and reasoning 2] modern tools for investigation 3] easy transportation by local sources.