Our Insurance Investigation Services include investigation of claims filed under the following types -
  • Health
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Government Insurance schemes
  • Motor Insurance
  • Corporate Projects
  • Special / Custom cases
Mediprobes fraud detection and prevention solutions help you reduce fraud risk by quickly and intelligently analyzing relevant records and individuals to uncover relevant information for better informed decision-making.
We believe that medical science is the basis for providing fair and accurate pricing, underwriting of applications and claim service.
Mediprobe investigation services are a group promoted by qualified professionals from Medico legal, Medical & Legal fields.
The object of formation of our firm is to provide need-based services to our valued clients. Medico legal field is one such field that has never been centre stage in field of medicine, due to the lack of expertise in this field. Until few years ago, not many would have thought that medico legal problems that exist today would arise.
With this changing scenario, doctors have to adapt to the situation and may have to face such legal tangles, which is intangible and disturbing sometimes.
****Our advisors are well qualified, knowledgeable and have been providing timely advice to Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Insurance Investigators and Law enforcing agencies (Police, C.B.I) in various capacities on matters of medico-legal interest. However, for the first time, all the advisors have come together hand in hand to provide specialized service. The formation of Mediprobe investigation services is a step towards a great mission of taking this medico legal field to International Standard.
Fraud and abuse are widespread and very costly to India's health-care system. Fraud involves intentional deception or misrepresentation intended to result in an unauthorized benefit. An example would be billing for services that are not
rendered. Abuse involves charging for services that are not medically necessary, do not conform to professionally recognized standards, or are unfairly priced. An example would be performing a laboratory test on large numbers of patients when only a few should have it. Abuse may be similar to fraud except that it is not possible to establish that the abusive acts were done with an intent to deceive the insurer.